Nero 5.5 free download for windows 7

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Nero Burning ROM, commonly called Nero, is nero 5.5 free download for windows 7 optical disc authoring program from Nero AG.

The software is part of the Nero Multimedia Suite but is also available as a stand-alone product. Nero Burning ROM is a pun in reference to Roman Emperor Nero, who was best known for his association in the Great Fire of Rome. The emperor allegedly fiddled while the city of Rome burned. Also, Rome in German is spelled Rom. Nero Burning ROM is only available for Microsoft Windows. A Linux-compatible version was available from 2005 to 2012, but it has since been discontinued.

Nero Burning ROM works with a number of optical disc image formats, including the raw uncompressed image using the ISO9660 standard and Nero’s proprietary NRG file format. Nero Burning ROM is integrated in the Nero Multimedia Suite and is also available as a downloadable standalone product. OEM computers and optical disc writers. First version to support DVD burning. Early versions of Nero version 6 would burn only data DVDs using the ISO 9660 file system.