The navstart.exe of a message file, including its full path. The default search location is the temp directory. The name of an attachments list file, including its full path.

The exact name of the folder to open. The full path to the HTML document. The URL of the page to display. The full path to the LDIF file.

The commands and parameters aren’t case sensitive. You can have additional options on the same command line following the guidelines described above. A lot of people wonder what needs to be done to install and make work a NAS. In reality it is not so difficult. But if you need to read the manual, it sounds more complicated than it is. This because the manual describes in detail all options and possibilities. This manual describes ONLY the steps I generally take to install a NAS.

I already explained it some times to different colleagues how to do it. They take notes and when they need them, they can’t read them. So I decided to create a small how-to to install a NAS. I don’t know if it is possible to control that, but I hope that Windows tries to divide the load and puts them on different cores. Even if 1 core is fully occupied with the NAS, there are 3 cores free for SQL.