Mutex created launching test drive 2.exe press any key too exit.

Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. 4 Desktop 32- and 64-bit, Red Hat Mutex created launching test drive 2.exe press any key too exit. 12, Ubuntu Workstation 9.

10 32- and 64-bit, or openSUSE 11. You can also install the QNX Neutrino RTOS as a virtual machine on VMware Workstation 6. If you find problems with any virtualization environment, please post your findings in one of the forums on our Foundry27 community website. We no longer include the IDE on self-hosted QNX Neutrino systems.

For information about using BSPs with QNX SDP 6. 0, see the BSP Migration Guide in the BSPs and Drivers project on Foundry27. For the most up-to-date version of these notes, go to our website, www. QNX account, and then go to the Download area.

If you installed an alpha version of this software, uninstall it before installing the production version. What’s new in the QNX Momentics Tool Suite? Throughout this document, you may see reference numbers associated with particular issues, changes, etc. When corresponding with our Technical Support staff about a given issue, please quote the relevant reference number. You might also find the reference numbers useful for tracking issues as they become fixed. For the most up-to-date version of these release notes, go to our website, www.

Make sure that Plug and Play OS is disabled in the BIOS before you run QNX Neutrino self-hosted. What’s new in QNX Neutrino 6. You need to rebuild BSPs and QNX Aviage middleware to use the ARM Cortex A9 variant. 3 should be compatible with QNX SDP 6. The QNX Momentics Tool Suite on Windows and Linux includes version 4. For information about migrating to the latest IDE, see the Migrating from Earlier Releases appendix of the IDE User’s Guide. You can now get Board Support Packages from our website.

O drivers should compile on 6. 0 graphics drivers run on top of io-display instead of on Photon. You need to recompile ATAPI drivers that are BSP-specific for 6. Serial drivers are statically linked, so there’s no issue running binaries from 6. If you want to compile a 6. USB drivers should be compatible with 6. Some newer systems contain APIC chipsets and may not run with the provided release package.

If you are using a computer that supports APIC chipsets, you should download and install the APIC-enabled Neutrino ISO from the QNX Software Development Platform 6. This ISO image boots using startup-apic and pci-bios-v2 and will install a new boot image called qnxbasesmp-apic. This is the default image for normal booting. If you’ve installed the SDP from the x86-only CD, or if you’ve installed using the APIC-enabled version of the x86-only CD from the download center and you want to target non-X86 platforms for development, you must manually install the non-x86 targets. After you have installed Neutrino, you can retrieve the non-x86 packages from the download center. Place the files in a location on your local file system.