Morrowind launcher.exe

I really enjoyed Fallout 3, so now that I’morrowind launcher.exe finally started playing Fallout 4, I’m happy enough with the fact that it seems to be more of the same, with upgraded graphics. Creation engine since Morrowind back in 2002, so I’m familiar with its many quirks.

What I want to quickly cover here are a few methods to specifically address what I consider the major visual and performance problems with the game. It’s probably the first thing you’ll notice about Fallout 4 once you enter the outside game world. Depending on your settings, things will either look too jagged and will distractingly shimmer and crawl as you move around, or else everything will look overly hazy and blurry, almost cartoonishly so. The second problem relates to poor performance, primarily major FPS drops and mouse lag. Fallout 4, and there are no in-game settings available to disable it. Below I cover the solutions to these two major issues, starting with Anti-Aliasing. TAA is the superior Anti-Aliasing setting in Fallout 4, as it does an excellent job of addressing jagged lines on geometry and foliage, while also completely quashing shimmering in motion.

So I recommend starting off with TAA selected for the Antialiasing setting in the Fallout 4 launcher. In the first screenshot, the total lack of AA provides a crisp, but overly jagged and brittle-looking game world. The second screenshot, using TAA, smooths everything out, but the foliage in particular loses a lot of definition, with bushes and branches turning into smeared clumps. The third screenshot, using TAA but with shader-injected sharpening, returns most of the definition, but also retains the smooth edges. It’s important to note that screenshots can’t fully capture the difference – it’s much more pronounced in-game.

11 is selected, and click the Confirm button. Now close the Mediator utility, and launch it again, then select Fallout 4 from the drop-down box. Select the Pipeline tab, then tick the ‘LUMASHARPEN – SweetFX’ box, as shown above. Click the ‘LUMASHARPEN – SweetFX’ text itself to open the sharpening settings, or click the SweetFX tab and select Lumasharpen, as shown above. Try raising the ‘sharp_strength’ slider to 2.

50 to start with, and click the Apply button at the top right. You can come back and re-adjust the strength of the sharpening later to better suit your taste. Now Launch Fallout 4 as normal, and make sure TAA is enabled in the Antialiasing setting of the launcher options before continuing. Continue from your last save as normal. As noted in Step 7 above, you can experiment with various sharpening strength levels to see what you prefer – I’ve settled on a value of 1. Then to finalize the setting, go to the Setup tab in the Mediator and click the ‘Permanent push to application’ button. SMAA is less effective than TAA in reducing jaggedness and shimmering, but does not induce any blurring, and carries very little in the way of a performance hit.