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The game’s story centers on the wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood. The development team for Monkey Island 2 was largely the same as for the first game in the series. The project was led by Ron Gilbert, and he was once more joined by Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman. The game was a monkey quest game free download full version for pc success, but a commercial failure.

The game was one of the few adventure games that offered the player a choice in levels of puzzle difficulty. In some versions, before starting the game, the player is prompted to choose between regular version and “Monkey 2 Lite”, a relatively stripped-down experience that bypasses many puzzles entirely. Guybrush Threepwood: The protagonist, a “mighty pirate” and thrill-seeker. Elaine Marley: Governess of Booty Island and Guybrush’s love interest. Voodoo Lady: A mystical woman who assists Guybrush on his journey. Feed: An eccentric cartographer from Woodtick. Captain Kate Capsize: Runs a glass-bottom boat tour, and assists Guybrush with retrieving a treasure for a map piece.

He further tells them that he is looking for the treasure of “Big Whoop”, and for a ship to take him there. After a lengthy quest involving library research, rigged gambling, theft, awkward attempts at love, drinking contests, necromancy, monkeys and spitting, Guybrush is able to recover all four fragments of the map. At this point, back to the scene from the overture, of Elaine and Guybrush talking, Elaine agrees to help Guybrush if it will shut him up, remarking “That was the longest story I’ve ever heard! Unfortunately for Guybrush, at this point his rope snaps and he falls into a series of artificial tunnels. Guybrush acquiesces, revealing the face of his “creepy brother, Chuckie”.

The reunion of the two “brothers” is interrupted by a man in brown coveralls, telling them that kids are not allowed “down here”. The development on Monkey Island 2 began a month after The Secret of Monkey Island went to manufacturing without the knowledge of how well the first game did commercially. The project leader and designer was Ron Gilbert. According to Gilbert, the Monkey Island series was partially inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

1991, and was later included on a CD-ROM compilation of Monkey Island games called The Monkey Island Bounty Pack. Amiga Power called it the most eagerly awaited game of 1992. Computer and Video Games for the PC version. The game is considered user friendly as it has a “lite” mode. This allowed beginners to play the game at an easier setting. The overall difficulty of both modes is also considered to be good.