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The Operations Manager R2 management pack is automatically installed momadadmin.exe, mom . you install System Center Operations Manager. Operations Manager 2007 R2 Management Pack Guide.

Read the Management Pack guide as this covers items such as how to enable recovery for Health Service Heartbeats and creating Run As accounts. Issue: AD integrated agent deployment was not functional. Add the security group, which was provided as parameter to MOMADAdmin. Operations Manager Administrators, added the group specified when using the MomADAdmin. Alert: Agent proxying needs to be enabled for a health service to submit discovery data about other computers. Issue: The agent specified in the alert description does not have agent proxy enabled. Check the Allow this agent to act as a proxy and discover managed objects on other computers checkbox.

Resolution: This is a bug in WMI. It would be preferable if the problem was fixed properly, but the workaround does not seem to cause any adverse effects. UPDATE: Found this on another system with a different type of service. The start name was null, and the service would not start when attempted to start it. Used the sc delete to remove the service, rebooted the system, and it worked like a champ.

Issue: On a TCP Port monitor, two alerts are generated when the system cannot be communicated with. Resolution: The system in question was offline and needed to be brought back online, so the monitor functioned as expected. Issue: Failed attempting to push the agent to the system. Resolution: Logged into the system and manually installed the agent. Issue: After importing a large number of management pack files, the data warehouse started reporting issues.

The health explorer listed an event number 31552 that the data filed to store in the data warehouse due to a SQLException Timeout expired. The alerts were automatically closed after this action was performed. The health explorer listed an event number 31554 on the workflow Microsoft. In this case, the domain name had a typo on it.