Mom.exe windows 7 x64

I’m facing a weird bug, could I humbly ask for your help, please ? 53, and when running its executable file, I had mom.exe windows 7 x64 error message stating that d3dx9_38. I can assume that a file related to directX9 ought to be already included in the system, don’t you think ?

To no avail, there was an error message stating that snes9x-x64. Would you have an advice, perhaps, please ? I try installing directx9, even though DX11 is already present ? I try installing snes8x, with hopes it will work this time ?

Windows 8 does not include the required DirectX9 runtime. DX9 has no problem being installed together with later versions. It seems I was mistaken, then ! My final update, in case other people come here through some web search : it worked !