Mogul patch numbers

10-30-2002 – The epoll patch merged inside the Linux Kernel. Provos-Lever modified to work with 2. Mogul patch numbers a measurement tool httperf has been chosen coz, even if not perfect, it offers a quite sufficent number of loading options.

The meaning of this callback list is to give lower IO layers the ability to notify upper layers that will register their “interests” to the file structure. This interface is a draft and I used it only to verify if the transport method is efficent “enough” to work on. Basically the driver allocates two sets of pages that it uses as a double buffer to store files events. The field  ep_resoff  will tell where, inside the map, the result set resides so, while working on one set, the kernel can use the other one to store incoming events. I modified a patch for 2. It’s very small, simple and fast.

2 and the coroutine library version is 1. RT signals implementation keeps flat over dead connections load. The RT-one-sig implementation is slight faster than the simple RT signal, but here only a couple of SIGIO occurred during the test. The need of a system call interface to the event retrival device driven the implementation of sys_epoll, that offsers the same level of scalability through a simpler interface for the developer. PSTXT MAN Patches that implement the system call interface are available here.

User space libraries that supports epoll : libevent ivykis During the epoll test I quickly made a patch for thttpd : thttpd. Addison Wesley professional computing series, 1994. Proceedings of the USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June 1998. Proceedings of the USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems, December 1997. To get over the recent break up with her ex lover, Val turns to online dating with hopes of meeting Mr.

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