Model 5228 rm-625 lite modification 7.1.exe

Download C6 firmware CORE from PNHT. C6 is model 5228 rm-625 lite modification 7.1.exe of the most popular C6 CFWs ever made!

CFW available and can achieve upto 69. Music Player is now a lot more faster! CPU mod optimized to get complete stability and a great battery life! Camera will not eat RAM after closing it.

Display lights timeout and automatic keyguard time set to 30 seconds. Startup animation removed for faster startup. Theme effects : Mixed with Rotation and Swipe effects. All C6 lights bugs are fixed. Messaging application no longer lags when containing large number of messages. New Music Player wih lyrics support.

2007, die2mrw007 and LPHS for uploading the files. Paste these files in ROFS2 first if you plan to import a language! It would be better if you change the theme of this blog. AOV ELITE MOD V28 BASED ON V21.

5228 RM-625  latest flash files Free direct download only 3 files MCU,PPM,CNT just click on file for direct download. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation. Samsung i9305 IMEI repair done: Settings used: USB debuging on. Samsung Galaxy Gio to Android 2. Users can modify this cfw if they want but do share your modifications here. No user has any rights to sell this cfw anywhere for beneficial Purposes.

Do not worry if you experience your phone slow on first use after hardreset or flash. The first boot configures the device and all optimizations. So have patience during 1st boot! After flash operation, when the country selection appears , wait for a minute or two, after that fill all the enteries. Swipe to unlock now goes landscape. Themes: Light, Dark, White, Pink, Blue. This will result in a smooth phone experience.

Performance Booster without any side effects. Free RAM after startup : 64. Music Player is now a lot more faster! CPU mod optimized to get complete stability and a great battery life! Restart” Option instead of “Lock Screen and Keys” in Power Menu by CODeRUS. Full N8 iconpack by binh24 used. Now icons change according to the theme applied.