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Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States, 37 miles northeast of New York City. Situated on Long Island Sound between the cities of Stamford and Norwalk, the town is a bedroom community with relatively few office buildings. According to early records, the first clearings of land were made by men from the New Haven moby 18 Zip Wethersfield colonies and from Norwalk in about 1641.

The area became Middlesex Parish in 1737. It was incorporated as the Town of Darien in 1820. According to the Darien Historical Society, the name Darien was decided upon when the residents of the town could not agree on a name to replace Middlesex Parish, many families wanting it to be named after themselves. Residents say this is still the proper pronunciation. You can always tell when someone is not from here, because they do pronounce it the way it’s spelled,” Louise Berry, director of the town library, said in a 2006 interview. Until the advent of the railroad in 1848, Darien remained a small, rural community of about 1,000. After the Civil War, the town became one of the many resorts where New Yorkers built grand, luxurious summer homes.

Darien has a well-established reputation as a former sundown town, having effectively kept out African American and Jewish families for decades. According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 14. Darien is bordered on the west by Stamford, on the north by New Canaan, and on the east by Norwalk. On the south it faces Long Island Sound and the North Shore of Long Island. The name Noroton originates from the Native American “Norporiton” assigned to the river along Darien’s border with Stamford. This section of Darien is defined by two peninsulas that claw their way into Long Island Sound, their curved appendages protecting enough coves and inlets to make the area a haven for beachgoers and sailors.

Connecticut’s Gold Coast, Long Neck Point is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in America. Historically, it has also been called Collender’s Point and “La Belle” Point. In 1902, Anson Phelps Stokes of the Stokes family built a Gilded Age brick Georgian manor on the end, dubbed “Brick House” which was later occupied by Andrew Carnegie. On its east side, Long Neck Point Road stretches south beginning near the Ring’s End Landing bridge and terminating at the southerly most tip of land. This area is somewhat inland and away from the eastern shoreline and at a relatively high elevation above the water. The west coast of Long Neck runs along Goodwives River and includes Pear Tree Point. A public beach, Pear Tree Point Park and a private boat club, the Darien Boat Club are on Pear Tree Point in Noroton Harbor.