Ml64.exe invoke

MASM is maintained by Microsoft, but since version ml64.exe invoke. 12 has not been sold as a separate product. It is instead supplied with various Microsoft SDKs and C compilers. The earliest versions of MASM date back to 1981 .

Early versions of MASM were sold either as a generic “Microsoft Macro Assembler” for all x86 machines and the OEM version produced specifically for IBM PCs. 0, the IBM release was dropped. 0, MASM was also bundled with a smaller companion assembler, ASM. Microsoft’s LINK utility which was designed to convert intermediate OBJ files generated by MASM and other compilers, but as users who did not do programming had no use of LINK, it was moved to their compiler packages.

0 supported 386 instructions, but could still only generate real mode executables. 0, MASM was available as an MS-DOS application only. 0, released in 1992, added parameter passing with “invoke” and some other high level-like constructs, in addition to the already existing high level-like records, among other things. By the end of the year, version 6. 14 were implemented as patches for version 6.