Mkisofs.exe not found

It is one of the more mkisofs.exe not found commands available in Grub4dos – see here for grub4dos output when entering the command help map. There are two distinct types of mapping, direct and memory. In memory mapping the image file can be non-contiguous.

Available system RAM will restrict the size of any image mapped to memory. The “map” process is implemented using INT 13 – any disk emulation will remain accessible from an OS that uses compatible mode disk access, e. Boot Disk Image – description for configuration file entry. This would be omitted when using the command line. Until map –hook is entered, all map commands are only recognised from the booted operating system.

Once map –hook is executed, mappings become “global” – they take effect even within Grub4dos. This in covered in more detail in the following section. ROOT device, without attempting to mount the device. As discussed previously, this can usually be substituted by the “normal” root command, at least for objects that have standard filesystems, like the floppy in this example. OS – this can usually be omitted. The boot command will also need to be executed when using the command line.