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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the web archive format. For the Mason file extension . This article needs additional citations for verification. In practical terms, MHTML allows multiple elements of a web page—including images and other media that would typically be saved in a folder as separate files alongside mime game.pdf HTML document—to be saved altogether as a single MHTML file.

It does so by expanding upon methods originally developed to enrich email content. The first part of the file is an e-mail header. The second part is normally encoded HTML. Subsequent parts are additional resources identified by their original URLs and encoded in base64. This format is sometimes referred to as MHT, after the suffix . OS file and renamed to a Web archive extension.

This section relies too much on references to primary sources. Some browsers support the MHTML format, either directly or through third-party extensions, but the process for saving a web page along with its resources as an MHTML file is not standardized. Due to this, a web page saved as an MHTML file using one browser may render differently on another. 0, IE was the first browser to support reading and saving web pages and external resources to a single MHTML file. Support for saving web pages as MHTML files was made available in the Opera 9.