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Please forward this error screen to cloud1. Disclaimer: This site is designed for educational purposes only. The contents microstrategy Crack related to computers, technology and how you can prevent yourself from being hacked.

The site owner is not responsible for any misuse of the sites content. After find ip address of your victime the big question is what to do to access victime computer answer of this question is Find volurable open port and try to get access. This technique will be taking advantage of Port 139. Most of the time,Port 139 will be opened. First of all,I will do a port scanning at the target computer which is 192. This computer is inside my LAN network. I get the result and it shows Port 139 is opened up for me.

You can get both of them on the Internet. You now need to create a null session to the target computer. There will be 2 tools inside it,one will be USER2SID and another one will be SID2USER. We will first using USER2SID to get the ID.

We will test against the Guest account because Guest account is a built in account. After we get the ID,we need to do some modification on the ID. 5 21 861567501 1383384898 839522115 500″. Please leave out the S-1-,leave out all the – too. Now you will see that you get the username of the Administrator account. In this case,the Administrator account is Administrator. Create a text file called user.

Now we are going to crack the Admin account for the password in order to access to the target computer. Press on enter and the tool will run through the passlist. In this case,I have get the password. In order to proof that I can get access to the target computer using this password.

After you press enter,it will prompt you for the username and password. Therefore,just input them inside the prompt and continue. Target C drive will be on your screen. In order to prevent from this attack,close down port that you do not want to use such as Port 135,Port 136,Port 137,Port 138 and Port 139. Plz giv me Netbios toll link! The only way to go is the word list, Usually guest account is disabled on Windows 7 so if you want to use this tutorial you’ll need to try it on windows XP OS.

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