So I wrote this article to show how we can extend SCSM with user control microsoft.enterprisemanagement.servicemanager.ui.console.exe. As for me, I prefer to use custom control without rewriting entire form because User Control provide excellent ability to change form’s logic and visibility, but they require much less work unlike the creation of new form and replace existing one. Most of provided solutions are not supported by Microsoft. All information provided AS IS, without any warranties.

Names of new project and solution you can choose by yourself. After create new project you must change name of the class and name of the control. Now you must add some reference to project. If you plan use the existing SCSM’s controls in your project you also may need these assemblies: Microsoft.

But in case of current control you can use any property as attribute value. Both approaches added only as an example of different techniques and doesn’t require to you use them. Technically, now we can add our control to SCSM’s form, but control still didn’t do anything useful. Let’s display some data inside this control.