Lineage 12.exe

This past week I was reminded how important it is to check and prepare your RPD properly for deployment. Many companies manually prepare their RPDs lineage 12.exe deployment.

That’s better than nothing, but it can be prone to error. RPD is prepared for deployment in a consistent fashion. Creating a command file Create a text file that will be your input command file used by the Admintool. Open an RPD First you’ll need to open the RPD for editing. This should be the first line in your command text file. Check Consistency I like to check and log the RPD’s consistency.

I know that it’s a touchy subject, but anyone that has done a 10g to 11g upgrade has learned that the cleaner the RPD, the easier it is upgrade and maintain. It is possible that the consistency checker will throw out red herring warnings or errors that are non-issues. However, these are the exception and not the rule. If this command script is being called via a more complex script it is possible to check the consistency log for errors and take appropriate action as necessary. Changing Variable Initializers After the consistency check has been run, change the variables that drive DSN and User name for connections. Keeping your DSN and database user names in variables is generally accepted as a best practice. NOTE: Use the double quote followed by single quote format, otherwise you’ll return an error.

Omitting the single quote will require the Admin tool to interpret the value as an expression. This is how you would use an expression as an initializer for a variable value. Save, Close and Exit Save and close the RPD by using the Save, Close and Exit commands. Failing to issue these commands can result in a locked RPD. Reviewing the command file Your command text file should look something like shown in the image below. After that is complete, you can run your admintool. Obviously for the first few times you’ll need to manually check to ensure that the changes were successful.

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