Libgl So 1

XCrySDen libgl So 1 distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License. Readme XCrySDen can be downloaded in source form. The binary package is provided in two flavors: semishared and shared.

This hopefully diminishes the software requirements. Requires: tcl-tk, fftw3, libGL1, libGLU1, and other packages. For the full list of required packages, see the file README. Requires tcl-tk, fftw3, libGL1, libGLU1, and other packages. Mac OS X binary package: consider using the fink version.

Release notes: compiled on Cygwin under 64bit Windows-Vista. Previous versions of the code Previous version of the code can be downloaded from here. A10 device can be done in a variety of ways. One method is to use the repo tool from google and point to a git repository. Here is one example of building and flashing Android on the “cubieboard”. This same method should apply to other A10 boards. Get the binary here: Oracle Java 1.

Same info are valid for all UBUNTU 12. 04-64Bit distros like LUBUNTU, KUBUNTU and so on. I’ve also tried, with success, to use XUBUNTU 12. 10-64bit so some parts are also 12. NOOBS so don’t care if I was so pedant in some step description.

To keep simple my job I’ve installed XUBUNTU in a VMware Virtual Machine, actually in VMware Fusion with Mac OS X Lion as host computer. To work fine the virtual machine should have at least 4GB of ram and a disk of least 40GB. Also SWAP disk is important and mine was set to 2GB. More than one CPU are apprecied.