Lgmdp-v1.5.exe lg optimus

You can start again from the home or lgmdp-v1.5.exe lg optimus back to previous page. Does anyone know if they can be debranded.

Thinking of having a Renoir for my upgrade but would need it debranding as it would have O2’s software on it. No problem, you can debrand the Renoir. I’ve just bought a SE T700 and G900 and really like them both my upgrade choice’s would only be the X1 or Renoir and i’m leaning more towards the lg as i fancy a change. Had a little play with it myself and the ui seems quite good. My Renoir should be here this Friday. Hopefully will be able to debrand it properly.

Little unsure still as the guide is a bit unclear. Wow to my suprise when I got home I found my Renoir had been delivered already. I’ve fullt charged it and turned it on and theres O2 stuff all over the place on it. I’m still a bit unsure on how to do the debrand. How much of that guide do I need to follow as from what I can make out it shows 2 different methods.