L2phx.exe l2

Dude, all I have said for the last hour is duuuudeeee! HD l2phx.exe l2 right is it voiced? I am grateful I am not the only one who reads a ten year old novel!

Yes, this is the voice version. I thought there would be a limit to how good something could be, but G-senjou no Maou proved me wrong. To elaborate, chapter 2 was, IMO, the best. When playing g string maou I get an information screen outside of the school that stops me from playing help!

When i try to install the patch i cant get through because the JP game is not detected. I’ve just managed to install the game and would like to share how I did it! Run the setup you downloaded from this site, in step 3. Make sure you install it in the same folder as you installed the Japanese version, and you’re done! Don’t forget to change your system locale to Japan!