L2.exe file size error

An easy-to-use and free tool for batch resizing of JPG pictures and photos. Drag and drop JPG files or folders with JPG files on the application icon. The tool will resize JPG images and save l2.exe file size error next to the originals.

Names of the new pictures will be based on the original names, with a suffix indicating their size. 400 indicates the size of the picture. Configuration The size of output pictures is controlled by the name of the application. To rename it, click on the icon to select it and do one of these things: press F2 key, click in the text under the icon, or right-click the icon and select Rename command in the menu. Depending on your settings, you’ll either see “. If you see it, keep it there, if you do not see it, do not add it.

For more advanced scenarios, you’ll need to use the command line parameters. Learn about them on the advanced settings page. Linear interpolation is used when zooming in. The algorithm is optimized to work with gamma-corrected pictures. Maximum number of images Picture Resizer does not limit the number of images resized at once, but there are other factors that may impose a limit.

When files are dragged and dropped on the tool icon, Windows Explorer sends the names of the dropped files as command line parameters to Picture Resizer. Windows has a limit on the total length of command line. Explorer will not run the tool and display an error instead. Authors are not responsible for any damage. When using the application from command line, specify absolute path to the source files or folders. Relative paths will result in undefined behavior.

Files in the destination folders are always overwritten unless they have the readonly flag set. COMAn easy to use freeware image editor with layers. The resulting image width will be smaller or equal to 400 and its height will be smaller or equal to 300 pixels. Height automatically computed to keep aspect ratio. Width automatically computed to keep aspect ratio.