A minor bugfix release for kprotect.exe 1. Fixes license problems in very old browsers.

3D-Anaglyph rendering support for stereoscopic images and videos. Workarounds for browser bugs: Chrome gyroscope, Mac Safari video. Color Profile support in the krpano Tools. Automatic Fullscreen Mode for Android when rotating the device to landscape mode. Better, more natural non-distorted hotspot rendering for VR.

As replacement for the old Flashplayer-based Virtual Tour Editor Plugin. Independent of Browser or Flashplayer security limitations, HTML5 only. Provides hotspot placement and scene linking. Automatically updates the thumbnail images when changing the startup view. Automatic reloading when editing the tour. The WebVR API support for GearVR Browsers is working again. Phone X detection support for the WebVR plugin.

New and updated examples in the download package. A bugfix release for krpano 1. Mainly several smaller textfield related fixes. New WebVR Wakelock hack for iOS 10. Updated Bingmaps Plugin to latest Bing Maps V8 API. Fixes several WebGL textfield hotspots layout problems.

That means no Browser or Flashplayer local-filesystem-access-restrictions anymore. Since Flashplayer version 23 the access to local files is not allowed anymore by default. The updated krpano Flash viewer detects this case and shows information how to change the Flashplayer settings to allow the access again. New protection setting – block the iframe embedding into external sites.