Kbc 3 flash game free download for pc

Update as of 5th June 2011 : Source code for the game has been published on this page. Update as of 20th Kbc 3 flash game free download for pc 2010 : I have been noticing quite a lot of visitors reaching this page through google search. So drop in a comment if you would like me to add any new features onto the game.

This was a simple game I created using SWiSH in 2005. You should check out the game here. The game was hosted on a free domain kbc2. I am not sure whether anyone want to modify the existing flash game to accomodate new lifelines or game rules.

You will need Swishmax v3 to open the . If you just want to edit the questions and answers database, you can edit the core. Who is known as the father of the nation? Variables a1,b1,c1,d1 will contain the text for the options for question 1. 3 means that the answer is c.