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Film and Entertainment Services Company and a member of the Reliance Group. The company is one of India’s leading film and entertainment services companies with a presence across several media businesses including the theatrical exhibition of kaun banega crorepati 2012 game free download, television content production and distribution, and film and media services. The company facilities have been MPAA certified.

RMW’s television venture BIG Synergy is engaged in the television programming industry housing popular shows such as Kaun Banega Crorepati and Indian Idol. The company was initially established as Adlabs Films Limited in 1975 by Manmohan Shetty. The company began to expand into the film industry and in 2001, the company entered the multiplex business, setting up the world’s largest 3D IMAX screen in Mumbai. RMW expanded by setting up Asia’s first Digital Intermediate Lab with a 4K facility. The lab was accredited by the Federation Against Copyright Theft. Lowry Digital, a renowned image restoration and enhancement services company based in Burbank, California. RMW also began to restore approximately 1,000 films from the National Film Archive of India.

On the 40th anniversary of the moon landing on 16 July 2009, NASA tasked RMW to restore original video footage of the missing Apollo moon landing tapes. In early 2010, RMW acquired iLAB UK, a film processing and post production facility located in Soho, London. By May 2010, the company commissioned a Media BPO in Airoli, Mumbai in order to handle projects exclusively for international clientele. The company expanded its offerings to their domestic clientele, commencing an equipment rental facility for cameras, lights and grips, and establishing a post facility for broadcast television clients in Mumbai’s western suburbs. In September, RMW created a VFX setup for India’s domestic film market in their Film City Office. By December, a team of artists were recruited to cater specifically for international clients in their Airoli office. Towards the end of 2010, RMW received an award in Creativity and Innovation from the Hollywood Post Alliance.

In early 2011, RMW commissioned one of Mumbai’s largest indoor sound stages. In March 2011, RMW received a patent called “Obsidian” for creating a method for removing semi-transparent artifacts from digital images caused by contaminants in the camera’s optical path. RMW delved deeper into 3D film consulting, providing support during film shoots and advising filmmakers on 3D image alignments. By the end of year, the company had provided post production services for 110 out of 114 Bollywood films that released in 2011. In September 2012, RMW along with China’s Galloping Horse acquired post production assets from Digital Domain, a legendary Hollywood studio founded by James Cameron. In August 2013 RMW signed award winning director Vadim Perelman as their Creative Director in India.

Perelman will be leading RMW’s creative team, conceptualizing television commercials for Indian clients. In 2014, Reliance Mediaworks and Prime Focus joined hands to create a global film and media services powerhouse. RMW’s Burbank Image Processing facility was one of the four companies to be recognized by the Hollywood Post Alliance for their Creativity and Innovation for Post Production Award in 2010. RMW Studios was rated amongst the top 10 international studios in a 2012 survey conducted by The Hollywood Reporter.