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No need to update it, not sure, I think no need to update it. BTW you comment already added this information. Poikosoft EZ CD Audio Converter Ultimate v7. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. I don’t use default language file and see ? Can I install Time Boss Pro while logged in via Team Viewer? How to update Time Boss to new version?

Can I download and install the latest version of Time Boss without deinstallation of the old version, and how to avoid losing my settings for different users? How to move Time Boss from the old PC to the new PC? I want to upgrade my system to Windows 10. After the installation of the “big” Windows 10 update the program do not start. Can the Time Boss software restrict the usage of the computer off-line as well?

Should I just eliminate the time restriction on built in Windows parental control? I bought Time Boss, by the way A FANTAXCTIC SOFTWARE TOOL TO KEEP MY KIDS UNDER PC-CONTROL, in November 2006. Does TB work with users if they have Microsoft account and local account in Windows? I want to set up the software for my two sons to use, but I do not know how they are supposed to log in, to start their time.

I can log in as administrator, but I don’t know how to set it up for them to log in as users. How to add new kid’s user? How to copy user settings from one user to another, or from one PC to another PC? Can the user without Administration rights in Windows manage Time Boss? I have only one user on PC, can I use Time Boss? If my Son has Administrator rights on his Windows 10 PC, will he be able to hack into Time Boss and change Passwords etc, and override it’s controls?

I have a question about the security. When we install the software on 1 user account under Windows 10 and we set the maximum time for 2 hours, the user is able to use the computer for 2 hours which is fine, but the user is admin and must remain admin of the machine. My children stay logged in to their Windows 10 accounts We use fast user switching. Does your product take into account idle time so it is not counted toward their limit?

Can you please confirm how computer time limits work if the “Switch User” feature of Windows 10 etc is used – ie if a Subordinate user simply locks the screen and then another subordinate logs onto a new session? I need a tool, which block my PC for some hours and give him free, without zwing a password. Only one password shall be needed, to deactivate and deinstall or to change options, and this shall habe friend of mine. But between 6am and 7am and from 4pm to 10pm, I wanna have all rights on my PC, EXCEPT the possibility, to deactivate the time restriction Software, which I use. I still wan’t to stay as an Admin. My kids go to school with their laptops in morning from 9am to 3pm which I want them to freely use, but restrict it to 4hours when they come home.

Is this situation possible to do easily in your software? I want to know if there is an option to lock the screen when time runs out instead of log off. When kid logs off TB closes all applications etc a lock screen will leave them open in the background? 3 days to use up the weeks’ time? And then only unlock when the 7 weekdays are up?