Jre-7u21-windows-x64.exe help page is a how-to guide. It is not one of Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines, as it has not been thoroughly vetted by the community. It is often convenient to edit Wikipedia articles using a full-fledged text editor, instead of the standard text area of a web browser. This page contains pointers for adapting several external and in-browser text editors to editing Wikipedia articles.

A “manual” way of editing in an external GUI text editor is to use copy and paste. Preview and check the edited page before saving it. If you are using the Mozilla web browser, it is possible to configure an external editor for editing text areas, including the Wikipedia edit area. This then avoids the need to copy and paste the article text between browser and editor. See below for highlighting within Vim. The official package does not support editing UTF-8-encoded documents and does not install properly on Mozilla Firefox. However, the development version does not have these problems.

With all these solutions, once you are done editing, you need to save in your editor, then click into the browser’s text area and it is updated. If you want to continue editing after the preview, hit Back in your browser, then work in your editor. Alternatively, you can hit Preview before you start editing for the first time, then work in your editor, save, preview, edit some more, save, preview etc. Certain Firefox forks such as Pale Moon and Waterfox support legacy add-ons. This help page needs to be updated. Please update this help page to reflect recent events or newly available information.

Firefox extension has been installed, a little blue edit button appears at the bottom right corner of the text area. Just click the button to open the contents of the text area in your editor. However, before you can use It’s All Text! The Preferences dialog opens automatically when you use It’s All Text!

Linux and OS X, or . In addition, you can add filename extension for wiki file type in Preferences dialog, in case your editor uses file type specific configuration. Once the above is done, you can edit any text area in your editor by clicking at the Edit button at the lower-right corner of the text area. Alternately, you can right-click on the text area. From the “It’s All Text” menu, you can choose which filename extension to use for editing. Next time you use the blue edit button, the extension is the one you used last time.

After editing, just save the file from your editor. The contents are automatically copied to the text area in Firefox. To indicate this, the text area turns yellow briefly. A temporary file is created for editing and it is removed at the end. To get It’s All Text to work nicely with Vim on the Mac, you need to install Macvim.