Java jre-7u25-windows-i586.exe

Please forward this error screen to ch14a. Welcome to the SAC – Superior Art Creations Art Packs. Starting from the first pack, which was released in December 1994 to the last java jre-7u25-windows-i586.exe for now, released in May 2007 December 2009.

Some packs have multiple ZIP files, click on the “floppy disk” icons to download the files. This is just the quick download list of all SAC pack release. If you want to get the list of all SAC packs with file_id. NFO files and description for each release, check out this SAC Pack Releases page. SAC released only a few tools during the years. SAC was not a tool group. The PPE section was removed for the same reason, even if it looked like a good fit at the beginning.

The tools are nothing special and were primarily for internal use only. There are certainly better tools available from others, which do a better job, but to be consistent and to make sure that the collection is complete, did I put them up for download on the site anyway. It works, but if you look for a good editor, check the downloads further above on this page. 25 and was used to show the content of the artpack on Windows PCs.

ASCII art viewer for Windows, check out ACIDView for Windows, which is available fro download on this page too. The installer was used to install a SAC Pack on a Windows computer for the not so computer savvy audience who might wants to look at an old artpack, but does not know who to unzip a pack release file. Musikdisk by the SAC musician “Crome”. The musicdisk was released in October 2004 and has a Windows interface to play the songs. This musicdisk was released in November 2004, only one month after the one from Crome. It also has a Windows interface to play the tunes that are part of this musikdisk release.

SAC had for a short period of time a PPE Section. Coders that programmed little plug-ins or widgets for the popular BBS Software PC Board by Clark Development. I programmed myself a bunch PPE’s for my own BBS. Download ALL SAC and Peanuts PPE’s in a single zip-file: PNSSACPPES. You can find all this content within the SAC art packs, with the exception of some stuff from my personal art galleries that contain content from before and after SAC. ASCII and ANSI scene artist from 1991 until August 2006.