Racing tweaks and links iracingsim.exe general information. Racing links, tweaks, and general information. Logitech G27 sim game racing wheel and pedals fixes mods tidbits.

Logitech G27 sim game racing wheel and pedals. Logitech G29 and G920 information and photos. Sim game racing wheel and pedals. G27 G29 G920 GT3v2 TX75 TX100 CSW CSWv2 Accuforce OSW Conversions. The track surface is now dynamic, and models the changes in track rubber, marbles, and temperature.

Racing Gear Shifts and optimal RPM shift points. Racing Gear Shifts and RPM optimal shift points. Common suggestions and advice for rookies and configuration. Racing tyre tire model changes nearly every season. Racing Admin and private message commands. Racing Radio controls commands settings channels.

Racing Skip Barber basic setup guide. Racing FORD GT setup tips and strategies. Racing SRF Spec Racer Ford basic setup guide. Racing forum signatures and general tips. A very special thanks to Mr David T. Facebook deleting information I was compiling.

With support the site will remain hosted as is. Random posts may be added to facebook. Share an easy link to this page: edracing. There seems to be some confusion about windows error reporting.

Essentially all crashes are “application errors” and “memory errors”. What differentiates them are the exception code, exception offset, address accessed. To help us to identify each unique issue we require the information specific to the “application error” or “memory error”. This information includes the crash . The more info we receive the easier it is for us to identify and fix individual issues.

2015, Buttons and keyboard sometimes stop working on the grid thread. Pad not displaying embedded youtube clips on forum: click last “A” top right of forum screen . Try SweetFX not working thread and the Oculus Rift thread. Port ranges were not changed during this work. If you can list hostnames, that’s best. For the US farm, you can use 69. If you have to list specific IP addresses, use 69.