Installserver.exe c2z4bin

Now change the year back one year. Don’t forget to change date back installserver.exe c2z4bin original.

Software Installation and change setting to On. I tried both steps on E71 and still getting certificate error. Those steps used to work on my Nokia E71. Unfortunately I recently had some problems with my phone and had Nokia reformat it and upgrade the OS. After that, I can only install a few hacks.

On some programs, I continue to get the same certificate error message. Pls help me my phone nokia 6680 doesn’t say this 1. Turn the Date for 2,3 or 4 years Back instead of 1. It usually works by setting the date to 2011 or 2010 for me. I hope this would work for you and others who still have the problem too.

Skype wouldn’t download until I tried your trick. I just changed the date one year back. I’ve been trying for the last two weeks. I tried the trick by changing the phones date to one year back for skype in Nokia E63 and it worked. I tried doing the second option mentioned above and it worked. I was desperately trying to install a reader and couldn’t until today.

95: both solutions don’t work, do you have any clue? Hey I got same problem and still have solution . 5320 xpress music, tried two options and it still didn’t work. I have also singed up to symbiansign. Email me if you know the solution to my problem. E-serious bcoz they are updated os u can try trail ver.