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Java peut mettre install_flashplayer13x32_mssd_aaa_aih_3.exe 459 dll urlmon.dll. péril la sécurité de votre ordinateur. Il vous est fortement conseillé de le désactiver de vos navigateurs WEB, si vous en avez pas l’utilité. Mardi 15 Juillet 2014 à 09:57:31 version : 2.

ZHPFix merci Rapport de ZHPFix 2014. I’m normally use Wise package studio to create normal windows msi packages. Now we have to pay for upgrade to support windows 2008 operating system. But how can i see that i’m creating a normal basic msi instead of a installshieldscript msi. I hope someone can explain me a bit. If the result is an MSI it’s an MSI.

At least that is my understanding. Novell does not officially monitor these forums. Statements made by me are solely my own. These thoughts may not be shared by either Novell or any rational human. I am trying to create a .

MSI file from a product called Chart Reader. However it is not capturing . This may result in ICE33 warnings. Including merge module ‘Microsoft OLE 2. A non-advertised shortcut must be created for User Guide. ALLUSERS property not be defined in the Property table. The output is generated as .

IS MSI and just copy them on the target machine. So, I want to try the second option. The Adobe Air product registration gives me references to Adobe Air folder, but not to the exact airappinstaller. If you mean you cannot control where the AIR help is installed, wrong. Your author can create the . AIR file so that it installs the help to a specific location. Why would a Help be a standalone installed application?