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These are R4DS – NDS ROM “clean dumps” – that is unaltered backups of DS game cartridges for use on R4 DS and R4i DSi flash cards and NDS emulators. DSi games packed into sets of 100 files. 1017 – Asonde Igo ga Tsuyoku naru! Copy these game roms to one of the R4 DS ROM cards and play on Nintendo DS original, DSLite, DSi or DSiXL. Play on NDS or DSi XL.

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Without Torrent Apps All-in-One EXE files. G6 comes with a built in emulators for SNES, NES, GB, Game Gear, PC Engine and other classic rom games! The manga and anime series Highschool of the Dead features a diverse range of characters designed by Shōji Satō with their storyline written by Daisuke Satō. Fujimi High School: Takashi Komuro, Rei Miyamoto, Saeko Busujima, Saya Takagi, and Kohta Hirano. Daisuke Sato, who has previously worked on various military genre games and manga, which include Imperial Guards, wrote the story which uses the perspective of Japanese high school students and refers to classic zombie apocalypse movies such as Dawn of the Dead. Masayoshi Tanaka, who also did Ano Hana, Toradora and later Waiting in the Summer, served as the Chief Animation Director and Character Designer for the anime adaptation.

17-year-old second-year student of Fujimi High School and the male protagonist and viewpoint character of the series. He and Rei are childhood friends and also in the same class. When they were children, Rei and Takashi made a promise to get married someday, but because of his indecisiveness, Rei started dating his friend, Hisashi. Although he is not a model student and had to repeat a grade, Takashi shows his resolve to protect his friends and is appointed the leader of the group by his peers. Wesson Model 37 pistol from a dead cop, and later uses an Ithaca M37 riot shotgun. Takashi Komuro’s classmate with orange-brown hair and reddish brown eyes.

Before the events of the series, Rei made a pinky promise to marry Takashi, but because of his indecisiveness, Rei started dating Hisashi. Rei is upset that Takashi kills Hisashi after he becomes a zombie, but when Takashi proceeds to leave her, she quickly retracts her words and pulls him back. At the start of the series, Rei fights with a sharpened broomstick. After visiting Rika’s apartment, she upgrades to a Springfield M1A1 Super Match rifle with a bayonet attached.

Fujimi High School with dark violet hair and bright blue eyes. Her father is abroad somewhere for a martial arts tournament. Saeko confides in Takashi that she was once almost sexually assaulted, but was able to fight back with her bokken and ended up breaking several of the attacker’s bones before the police came. Although Takashi says it was self-defense, Saeko counters saying that it is her “raw nature” to take pleasure in inflicting pain and, in that way, she is no different than one of the zombies.