Ica Citrix Receiver 3.4

I’ve always wanted to be able to do this in my Citrix sessions and considered it to be somewhat limiting in productivity without being able to do so. I actually applied this to a Windows 8 ica Citrix Receiver 3.4, using the registry key setting for Win7 x64 in your post. You guys make our lives a little easier! Tab and PRint Scrn both are not working.

Tried everything but nothing is working. Please let me know the solution. Windows 8 system exactly as described, and now my alt-tab is simply ignored when I am full-screen’ed in a Citrix session. I guess disabling it is less annoying than having it flip back to local apps, but, any suggestions to get alt-tab properly passed through to the remote Citrix session would be greatly appreciated.

Also, my local taskbar is showing up if I move my mouse into its area, even if I am full screen’ed into my Citrix session. I had to move my local taskbar to left of my screen as a workaround to allow me to access my Citrix session’s taskbar. Any idea how to fix above two issues? Steve Frampton: Did you get to a solution. It is also ignored on my machine and doesnt work.