Huawei Firmware E5336

My old man’s 2006 x trail has got the 2005-2006 version disc, and he would like the newest one, that hopefully huawei Firmware E5336 postcode finder on there. Nissan want a few hundred quid for this, so does anyone know where to get it cheaper and if it does have the postcode finder on there.

Panasonic CAB Px60 42″ plasma — Sony HTDDW670 600 watt 6. I am in the same position. From what you say there is indeed another disc. I guess all is priced so much to encourage you to buy a new Xtrail with the latest version mapping! There seems to be a couple of different versions of the sat nav unit itself though. One that requires just the DVD and the other which requires both the DVD and a programme CD. The easiest way to identify which one you need is to give your Nissan dealer the part number of your current disc to find out what the latest version is.

I recommend trying at least 2 different Nissan dealers with the same question, as in my experience they’re not the greatest! Link here to a thread on an X-trail forum I use. Cheers mate, he really wants a postcode version, do you know if any of them have this? I’m afraid to say that not even the latest version has a postcode search. It’s a great system though otherwise. Once you get used to it, you don’t really miss the postcode option. Google is not helping at present.