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I haave put in a very large amount of hours into this game, but due to lack of updates, repetition, and basically reaching the skill cap I have abadoned this game. This game http game aog incredible promise, both 3d maneuver gear physics and the art of the game are gorgeous.

3d maneuver mechanics in races, but with update 11 Guedin decided to Opt for “fake Physics” in favor with better performance in Multiplayer. Personal opinion, is that it makes the game feel less immersive, basically dumbed down compared to update 10. It can be really frustrating trying to get your first clean cut and the mechanics are as realistic to the show as they can get. I literally found this game out the day the vid was posted. I was searching in google for new AOT fan games. Etrius you have no idea man! I have been wanting a game like that for the longest time.