Http:// system32 cmd.exe

Thanks to advertising, we can offer JDownloader for free. Download Installer Mac OS X Version 10. If target system32 cmd.exe doesn’t exists, ZEROs are written instead of unreadable blocks. If target file exists, its blocks, coresponding to Bad Blocks in source are not touched.

Thus, if you have some copies of the same file with Bad Blocks in different places, it is possible to completly restore the original file. The main difference is that bbcopy is oriented on data recovery. Fixed handling of -o and -c options. Fixed handling of not aligned file tail in non-cached mode.

I’ve found and fixed still one bug in handling -c. O caching when deal to large files. O operations fail with status INSUFFICIENT RESOURCES. It means, that system cannot allocate memory for some internal structures.

I had to restore data from badblocked HDD. So, I added -e, -B, -f, -di, -do options to efficiently handle block devices. Added -s and -S options, prompted by Jiri. These options specify fill pattern for unreadable blocks.

I do not recommend using this option when target file already exists. This may happen when you restore data from multiple copies or make 2nd attempt to read damaged file, With this options previously read blocks may be overwritten if 2nd attempt fails. Fixed bug with crash on files of size between 2Gb and 4Gb. Fixed still some mistakes in text messages. Implemented options for setting recovery start position and amount of data to be recovered. For example if midle part of file cannot be read in 3 attempts, you can specify greater number specially for this part.