I made a 3rd party pack out of the following driver and it worked fine. However the current Grapics packs do not work hkcmd.exe me at all. That may be why it doesn’t work for you if you haven’t disabled driver signing. I’m not going to replace I4 for those.

Can you test that one after I upload? Not all heroes wear capes, some wear Kevlar! I guess i don’t really understand the driver signing. Didn’t know that if there was driving signing issues they wouldn’t install.

I run SAD once and it find something and installs something. I still have exclamations in Device manager. After the hang i have to hard reset, and run it a 3rd time. It runs all good this time and drivers are installed. My use for driver packs are just using SAD though. If you want me to test something just let me know, i will.

Anyway i just wanted you to know the hang that i get from the DP_Graphics_B_wnt5_x86-32_90701 is reproducable via SAD. JustusIV had not tried that, but I did. However, the driver is not installed properly when using SAD using the latest chipset and graphics drivers. 32_757949EFDD70357EE37252D828ACA09CDF5C75B7 folder gets deleted after this failure. That failed with a “Handle is Invalid” error.