Hasplms.exe run

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-192186235100. Сообщите нам, почему вы хотите отметить эту тему как неадекватную. Размер вложения hasplms.exe run должен превышать 1 Мбайт. It happened in the last 3 weeks.

We are solving the problem by installing hasp runtime again, But this solution only good for a few days. Plesae help us solve the problem, The customers are loosing their Patience. I see you already logged a case in our support portal. I’m going to answer your query from there. Communication error between the program and the local license manager.

This is the HASP SRM Admin Control Center. If this entry is not listed then the HASP SRM Runtime is not installed. By default most personal firewall software will request permission to allow access for the HASP Licence Manager the first time it is run. If access is allowed there will be no problems. If access is denied you will encounter communication problems.

As there are many personal firewall products on the market it is not possible to list all the ways to configure each piece of software here. Please contact your firewall vendor for details of create exceptions or rules as detailed above. If you find such a program, disable it and run the HASP application again. I’ll wait for you to update me with your findings. I am facing the same problem but my case is slightly different. I have an application to be protected for which I am evaluating Sentinel HASP HL. My application has a launching exe and several other supporting DLLs.

When I envelop my exe, it works fine. However when I wrap one of the DDLs, I get H0033. A DLL containing Hello World functions. In this case enveloping the DLL works fine.