Spectrum Software has released Micro-Cap 12, the twelfth generation of our SPICE circuit simulator. Otherwise, the Micro-Cap EXE files are only haspdinst.exe for download from the Users Section. To gain access to this section, you must be a professional user of Micro-Cap.

To have an account setup for you, please email . HASP Security Key Driver Newer Driver: Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_cmd_line. The following instructions also apply but run the hinstall. ZIP file needs to be run with the command switch ‘-i’. Click on the Start menu in Windows and select the Run option in the menu. At the end of the string, hit the spacebar, and then type in -i.

If Windows has placed double quotes around the path and file name, the -i must be placed outside of the quotes. This installs the latest security key driver which must be present to run the update. A message should appear that states the driver has been successfully installed. Сообщите нам, почему вы хотите отметить эту тему как неадекватную. Размер вложения не должен превышать 1 Мбайт.