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Patrician III: Rise of the Hanse is the third video game from Ascaron hanse pc game download their Patrician series. It is a game simulating trading, piracy, politics, and economy. The series was originally released in German, as Patrizier and Patrizier 2. The game is set in the Hanseatic League in the 14th century.

There are twenty-four cities on a map of the Baltic and North Sea. The game is a trading and economic simulation. Goods of varying types are produced in the towns, and may be sold in other towns on the game map which do not produce them. As you gain wealth and reputation, you may be permitted to open additional trading offices, and can build larger and better armed ships.

Competitors roam the seas, as do pirates. The method in which one must increase their rank is to increase their financial status and gain reputation. One can organize feasts, donate to the church, donate public buildings, and defend against attack. You can also turn to the dark side, engage in piracy, smuggle goods, and even attack towns, among other things, for cash and goods. If needed goods are not supplied to the cities, population and markets decline.

With adequate goods, the league thrives. The system becomes increasingly difficult to manage as it grows. From a starting population of a few tens of thousands, growth to many hundreds of thousands is possible. The game received generally favorable reviews from critics.