Gtaiv.exe 1.0.1

Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. FAQ Как узнать патч GTA 4? Очень часто игроки сталкиваются с тем, что не могут определить, какой патч GTA 4 у них уже установлен и gtaiv.exe 1.0.1 ли на него моды или трейнер. На самом деле, эта проблема решается очень просто.

Кликаем по нему правой кнопкой, выбираем Свойства, открываем вкладку Версия и смотрим. Теперь узнать патч GTA 4 у вас не составит никаких проблем. Мы в соцсетях Читайте последние новости в VK и Twitter! Знаете ли вы, что существует короткометражный фильм по GTA 2? Таких новостей за этот месяц нет. Как получить каменный топор в GTA Online? You need to login to do this.

Kjellberg has also been known to collaborate with the higher-ups of his networks. A version of Slender revolving around him, in honour of him playing so many versions of Slender. Abhorrent Admirer: Pewds is certain that the ghost from the ventilation shaft in Exmortis 2 wanted to make out with him. Accidental Aiming Skills: How he once managed to chop off the head of a man with one swipe of an axe while flying out of his chair in fright.

Achievements in Ignorance: More then once has managed to win a difficult section by merely doing a stupid thing, that ended up being both smart, and crazy. Aerith and Bob: His Mooks in Pulse: Jennifer, Lisa, Marcus, Annabelle then Bengt and Fuckface. Pewds: I’ll let you be Robin next time. All Love Is Unrequited: Neither Jennifer or Piggeh get the love they want from Pewdie, no matter how often they try. All Men Are Perverts: Stephano once slept with a Bro’s girlfriend, Pewdie admires the asses of the grunts as well as the “assets” of any female he comes across, and Piggeh often tries to seduce Pew. Amusing Injuries: His tendency to kick his table when he gets scared.

Most notably when reading the story of the Bong Cheong Dong ghost. Angrish: Is literally reduced to a mix of this and Laughing Mad when playing Unfair Mario. Aren’t You Going to Ravish Me? Piggeh got stuck with his head in a chest twice, and hoped that Pewdie would take advantage of the situation.