Follow the instructions below to remove the 30 day time-limit using a utility supplied with the trial version. This gives you a full, free working version of Grubinst_gui.exe/ Commander for Windows XP with no time-limit!

But since Winternals was bought by Microsoft in 2006, ERD Commander is no longer an over-the-counter product available to the general public. ERD Commander is a very powerful tool. It comes in the form of an ERD Commander ISO file which is burned to a CD which is a diagnostic and recovery boot disk for Windows XP. This is one of the most useful PC diagnostic tools I have ever used. 30 day evaluation version of ERD Commander, but it also contains a utility which can be used to extend the evaluation period to whatever is desired.

30 day trial version of ERD Commander 2007. Burning another Wndows boot disk CD will make no difference, as the time limitation is encoded into the erd50. During the installation process a time limit of 30 days from the date of installation is encoded into the erd50. One way around this would be to note the date on which MSDaRT50Eval. We can use the above instructions to extend the 30 day evaluation period to however long we choose. For this we need the installation file which contains the erd50. Universal Extractor software to extract Binary.