Conversion of the HTML lists to charset Grid2(rus).exe-8. Bug fixing for team-swiss-systems option “ignore color”. Many thanks to Mohamed Shoieb, FIDE-ID 10602224.

Some changes to make the illegal use of Swiss-Manager harder. Changes in the upload picture function. New option for sorting the Team Starting rank list. Most files will now be read and write as a UTF-8 file. XML interface and then be imported into Swiss manager.

In some lists the grid-column width was not correct. Results 0:0 and adjourned games are now handled correctly. Important: This requires the installation of Java. Important: This requires an active Internet connection. Here, the pairings will be done on Chess-Results. The selection whether the tournament is FIDE-rated or national rated is now a mandatory input.

FM are taken into account again. Revision of the English Swiss-Manager texts. Upgrade of the software development environment from Delphi XE2 to Delphi XE5. Update CZE Rapid Ratinglist for ASCII and Unicode. New option in the Pairing dialog for single round robin tournaments: “Simultaneous tournaments”.

Here the start rank number 1 is set with all other players. The color can be set in the result input dialog. Because of necessary changes in the Unicode ratinglists, the lists must be re-imported. Translation of the Helpfile to Vietnamese. Bugfixing of pairing option “Protect round” for Team-Swiss-Systems. Online-registration of the Team-Compositions on chess-results. Bugfixing in the CAN ratinglist: Array-Overflow.