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Oxford Dictionary of English is one of the main books of reference for the English language. The answer to the question about which is globalink Power Translator Windows 7 most spoken language in the world is Chinese. Spanish is in second place, and English in third.

The always reliable Wikipedia, quoting studies by Ethnologue, says that the latter has 372 million speakers around the world. But despite not being the most spoken language in the world, it’s definitely the one that connects the most people. Not for nothing, it’s the second language in dozens of countries and the most taught language at schools only behind the official one. The best English dictionary This situation is mainly thanks to the inheritance received from the British Empire and the prevailing position of the United States as a global superpower. However, don’t get it mixed up with a vocabulary. You won’t find the translation of English words to any other language such as Spanish, French, German or Italian. Here you’ll find the formal and academic definition of thousands of words written in English.

The most important book of reference about the English language. Over 350,000 words, expressions, and sentences. Continuously checked and updated with new uses and syllogisms. About 75,000 different pronunciations on audio with British and American voices. Search tool with real-time suggestions and auto-complete. Learning function that remembers that your search history and marks your favorite words. Remember that it’s a commercial program.