Ghost32.exe error

Some of these UNDOCUMENTED MS-DOS commands might save your “computing life” one day, as they have saved mine. I will ghost32.exe error here new DOS secrets every time I’ll also add them to SECRETS. BEFORE USING ANY TOOLS THAT MODIFY DISK STRUCTURE !

MUST HAVE : Essential DOS 5. To become familiar with the COMMAND. ME users: use Notepad to read the “SHELL” topic from CONFIG. TXT, a text file located in your Windows folder. DOS prompt to display the COMMAND. COM parameters listed below can be used on the CONFIG.

22 you can use this undocumented workaround to force COMMAND. COM to load “high”, which requires an upper memory manager in CONFIG. This works ONLY IF:a copy of your COMMAND. COMUMBs are enabled by this CONFIG. In some cases a second copy of COMMAND. 00 this function is built into IO.

Abort, Retry, Fail” message and forces a “Fail” response to all “Abort, Retry, Fail” prompts issued by the DOS critical error handler. If the disk is not ready it automatically goes to “Fail”. COM resident module to load permanently in low memory. EXE can be loaded ONLY in CONFIG. EXE DEVICE line MUST appear in CONFIG.

SYS line, and BEFORE ANY other device drivers loaded with DEVICE, DEVICEHIGH, INSTALL or INSTALLHIGH. DOS prompt, displays the EMM386 status. To become familiar with the EMM386. ME users: use Notepad to read the “EMM386. EXE default detection code searches for the presence of a Token Ring Network adapter, which may cause some computers to hang. In such cases use the NOTR parameter to disable this search.

This is valid ONLY for EMM386. 95 16-bit DOS mode memory managers. 16-bit standard on “Wintel” PCs, recognized by all MS-DOS releases beginning with 4. FAT12 is able to handle disk partitions only up to 16 MB using 4 KB clusters. Officially Microsoft implemented FAT16 only begining with MS-DOS 4. FAT16 was already implemented in MS-DOS 3. COM supports partitions larger than 32 MB only begining with MS-DOS 4.

Further reading: “Upgrading and Repairing PCs” book by Scott Mueller, second edition, page 653. 1 cluster to each file on disk, even if a file is at least 1 byte in length. Therefore FAT32 wastes a lot less disk space, preserving speedy disk access at the same time. Windows 95 OEM SR2 and Windows 98.