Gbak.exe windows server 2012

18 Avoiding conflicts with other software. 21 Ports used by the Lexmark Intelligent Capture system. 21 Activating Lexmark Intelligent Capture licenses22 Understanding installation types. 27 Configuration gbak.exe windows server 2012 for workgroup systems .

Page 3 Contents Installing Lexmark Intelligent Capture components silently. 43 Monitoring and maintaining the system. 44 Using Lexmark Management Console44 Accessing Lexmark Management Console. 44 Changing the administrator user name . Page 4 Recovering backup data with a new installation . 88 Recreating Lexmark Intelligent Capture printer ports after an address change. 89 Manually backing up databases90 Managing solutions91 Understanding the solution deployment process.

Page 5 Contents Uploading solutions to the Lexmark Intelligent Capture system91 Configuring global solution settings. 92 Editing local settings for a deployed or assigned solution. 92 Configuring an eSF application associated with a solution. 93 Managing device groups and devices95 Creating and populating device groups. Page 7 An expected icon does not appear on the home screen after solution deployment .

132 Policy updates failed for a printer 133 The printer only returns to the home screen after attempting to execute an Lexmark Intelligent Capture profile . 134 The solution stops responding135 The solution cannot connect to the network . A computer that uses client software is known as a software client. Lexmark Intelligent Capture can process documents submitted through client software in the same way as documents scanned at a printer.

Configure the nonprompting profiles in the SDK with a property in the SDK that specifies that the profile does not prompt. This helps improve the performance of a Lexmark Intelligent Capture port assigned to a nonprompting profile. These printers may require additional memory to support eSF applications. These printers support Simplified Chinese prompting. C732x Chinese, Korean, and Japanese prompting. C736x Capture, see the Readme file.