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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the NASA SL-3 mission. For the NASA SLM-3 mission, see Skylab 4. Due to a NASA management error, manned Skylab mission patches were designed in conflict with the official mission numbering scheme. The manned Skylab missions were officially designated Skylab 2, 3, and 4.

Mis-communication about the numbering resulted in the mission emblems reading Skylab I, Skylab II, and Skylab 3 respectively. Skylab 3, with the Earth added for scale. During the approach phase, a propellant leak developed in one of the Apollo Service Module’s reaction control system thruster quads. The crew was able to safely dock with Skylab, but troubleshooting continued with the problem. Six days later, another thruster quad developed a leak, creating concern amongst Mission Control.

The crew, during their first EVA, installed the twin-pole sunshade, one of the two solutions for the destruction of the micrometeoroid shield during Skylab’s launch to keep the space station cool. It was installed over the parasol, which was originally deployed through a porthole airlock during Skylab 2. Both were brought to the station by Skylab 2. Skylab 3 continued a comprehensive medical research program that extended the data on human physiological adaptation and readaptation to space flight collected on the previous Skylab 2 mission. In addition, Skylab 3 extended the astronauts’ stay in space from approximately one month to two months.