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5 million, being released by Paramount Pictures. In the years since its release, the free vector download airplane’s reputation has grown substantially. The film was ranked sixth on Bravo’s 100 Funniest Movies. Ex-fighter pilot Ted Striker is a traumatized war veteran turned taxi driver.

After the in-flight meal is served, several of the passengers and the flight crew fall ill, including Captain Oveur. Rumack discovers one of the offered courses caused food poisoning. As the plane nears Chicago, the weather becomes harsh, making landing difficult. With Elaine’s help as co-pilot and Rex’s guidance, Ted is able to land the plane, despite shearing off the landing gear but with only minor injuries to the passengers.

Rescue vehicles arrive to help unload the plane. Impressed by Ted’s display of courage, Elaine embraces and kisses him, rekindling their relationship. The two watch as “Otto” takes control of the plane, inflates a female companion, and takes off. The trio knew director John Landis, who encouraged them to write a film based on their theatre sketches. They managed to put the film, called The Kentucky Fried Movie, in production in the late 1970s, and entered a movie set for the first time. David Zucker said “It was the first time we had ever been on a movie set.