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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-160153131140. International Karate is a karate fighting game created and published by System 3 for various home computers. Epyx licensed and published the game in the US as World Karate Championship in April 1986. Except for a new loading screen and necessary tuning free karate pc games download the American NTSC television system, the US releases were unchanged.

The core game is a two-dimensional, one-on-one, versus fighting game. Players take on the roles of martial artists competing in a kumite tournament. Rather than wearing down an opponent’s health, the goal is instead to score single solid hits. After each hit, combat stops and both combatants are returned to their starting positions. In single player mode, successive opponents increase in difficulty from novice white belts to master black belts.

Play continues as long as the player continues to win matches. Between fights, bonus mini-games focusing on rhythm and timing appear, including one in which the player must break a number of stacked boards using the fighter’s head. The title utilises the standard one-button joystick, allowing players to execute a variety of karate techniques. Unlike modern 2D fighting games, players do not turn around if the opponent is behind them and must instead execute one of three “turn-around” manoeuvres to change direction. The Spectrum version was used as the starting point for the Amstrad CPC port. Another port exists for the MSX platform. A version for the Atari ST home computer was created by Andromeda Software and released in 1986.