Free download counter strike 1.6 free download game

Counter Strike free download counter strike 1.6 free download game a thriller first person shooter game. The is complete portable installed game. You only have to download and double click to play counter strike.

6 is extreme shooting team play. Each player in counter strike game can choose to play as one team of eight fighters. This freeze time in counter strike is to prepare and get equipment. Counter Strike game gives option to players either to be a part of Terrorists or counter terrorists team. The extreme tactical multiplier experiences of counter strike 1. You can engage your self in a terrorist warfare of counter strike. Counter strike setup which I have uploaded doesn’t required installation.

This is free counter strike game. To Play Counter Strike in Windows 8. 1 or Windows 8 you have to Right Click on Game and in properties choose compatibility tab. Select the option of Windows XP Service Pack 3.