Fnatic.exe cs 1.6

Player of the matchwon with 77. If they ain’t stupid explain why Boltz was allowed to play with SK but not Fnatic.exe cs 1.6 with Liquid ? Boltz move was before SK and IMT last matches. Season was over for Liquid and IMT.

HLTV news are actually helpful you know? This is usually a good matchup for Liquid. Could go either way, but fnatic will probably take it due to Liquid playing with their coach as stand-in. Fanatic win against LG , they will lose this match. Can someone explain why zews playing?

Idk why TL had to throw this tournament so hard. 15-11 they threw it away plus lusha vac mode on 2kill through smoke . XD, I closed the match when it was 13:9. Maybe I would have bet on over 26. 5, so u still need return my trust.

That’s a round Liquid should win, but Fnatic are proving to be strong on their entries this tournament. LUlquid think they can play mirage? Great readjustment by Liquid on that T-pistol. How much do you have bet on Fnatic?

Yeah well Golden is throwing this game, and possibly a playoff spot, out of the window. Cost them rounds and economic advantages every match they play. 0 v 2 against M4 because JW sticks it. Losing to Liquid with a coach but losing 4v2 against CZ worse. Both these commentators sound the same.