The Unwrapper uses 16 different algorithms to detect geometric patterns, and it uses the right approach for each part of the model. Handles any type of fitc.exe, characters, machines or environments. Ideal for lightmaps and use with procedural paint tools. Enables new workflows where geometry changes are less costly.

Handles complex meshes with many folds very well. Adjustable island gaps to prevent bleads. Dependable, removes the need for asset QA. Available with UI, or as command line tool for pipeline integration. Collect items and choose a place to build your settlement, but look out for patrols. If they find your settlement, you will need to either evacuate or take a stand. Other tribes are also being attacked from the dark forces trying to enslave them.

Each game of Love is a unique experience with its own world, where tribes will react to your actions and events will unfold, unlike any other game. Love was created from scratch by Eskil Steenberg, over a ten year period. Love is currently being redesigned, and will be released at some point in the future. With one side eternally facing the sun its seas have vaporized, its cities have burned, and its sand has turned to glass.

Long after the event, the few surviving clans living on the twilight rim construct powerful EXO suits, to venture out in to the dark side to search and fight, for ancient artifacts from the old age, and for answers to explain its demise. EXO will be released when I feel like it and will not be commercial. It is designed to be a fun, creative and inspiring tool, but at the same time a fully featured tool for professional modelers. Using the Verse protocol, Loq Airou lets multiple users collaborate over networks in real-time.